ClipAI will write articles for you

Automatically, quickly, qualitatively - at least for tens of thousands of headlines on the required topics.

A unique program developed by us will write articles of any size on any topic using artificial intelligence by connecting the AI to the Internet for maximum quality and factual accuracy of the text!

Rewriting and copywriting without restrictions on the number of characters, writing reviews and comments, product descriptions, and much more.

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Why ClipAI?


No need to pay freelancers (such as copywriters and rewriters): AI will do all the work for free.

Are you a webmaster? Do you have your own website or social media group? ClipAI will perform two types of tasks simultaneously: it will write the text and publish it for you.

And if you are a freelancer, you can automate and speed up your work.

Better quality

AI generates high-quality, meaningful content. At the same time, the uniqueness of an average text is about 90-100%, and you can set the level of uniqueness you need.

Want to write long articles with the most up-to-date information available today? No problem: unlike ChatGPT, ClipAI has no 2000 character limit per article, and it also has the ability to connect AI to the internet.

Supports many languages, including Russian, English, and Chinese. No translator is used; the AI "thinks" in the language it writes in.

Need article ideas?

The program itself can tell you what topics to write articles on: you just need to specify the theme or keywords.

Don't know how to format an article on a web page? ClipAI can arrange all the necessary HTML tags and do SEO optimization, and even make a table or add a small JS script if needed

No complicated settings

All main parameters of the program is intuitive and all possible AI mistakes are automatically corrected: this is monitored by hundreds of different rules inside ClipAI. Do you have any questions? Contact our support!

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Start saving now

And save not only money, but also your time 😉

Copywriters write articles for about $5-25 per 1000 symbols. ClipAI will generate each article in a few seconds and will do it with high quality, without any extra charge!

ClipAI pays for itself in just a couple of articles (10k characters)

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Start saving now
Looking for the highest quality text on any topic?

Looking for the highest quality text on any topic?

Unlike similar programs, ClipAI emphasizes high-quality articles that are created completely automatically. The program includes over 200 different checks and corrections of the AI-generated text, which occur completely automaticallywithout user intervention. Moreover, these articles are recognized by various verification services as being written by a human!

Furthermore, with ClipAI Plus, you can connect the AI to the internet. This will allow you to write an article that is factually accurate with up-to-date information, tapping into new online earning niches.

How does the connection to the internet work? >>Download ClipAI

Are you a webmaster?

ClipAI fully automates your work on filling the site with articles!

Will do all the work listed below in one click and in a couple of minutes:

    • Find topics by keywords;
    • Write articles on topics by connecting AI to the internet;
    • Generate pictures and photos on the topics of articles;
    • Write meta tags for search engines;
    • Publish finished articles on your site;
    • Write meaningful comments reflecting the topic of the article.
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Are you a webmaster?


They say about us better than any description.

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