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Main program functionality:

  • Writing articles on a given topic or keywords

    — Possibility of incredibly fast multi-threaded work, absolutely not demanding on PC resources!
    Set the number of characters or words for the article (GPT limits on the number of characters do not apply !)
    — Possibility of writing both by subheadings (automatically generated) and by one topic
    — Choosing the style of the article (Formal / Informal)
    — The ability to automatically high-quality HTML markup with automatic correction of common GPT problems
    — The ability to use keywords when writing an article with a set frequency of their use
    — Customizable parameters "Text Spamming" and "Text Variety"
    — Customizable query language (to broaden the AI's horizons on narrowly focused topics and text output language
    — Smart and fully automatic avoidance of repetition of topics in an article (known GPT issue), even if they are written in different words


  • Automatic publication of written articles on your site

    Websites with CMS "WordPress":
    — Support for Yoast SEO with automatic completion of meta tags for each article
    — Ability to work with several sites at the same time
    — Ability to set the status, date and time of publication, including scheduled publication
    — The ability to automatically generate comments from different users with different publication dates
    — Automatic search and adding YouTube videos to the article (to reduce the number of "bounce rate" and increase the user's time on the site)
    — Automated web search or generating images using AI
    — Adding to WordPress category


  • "Rewriting" - changing the source text so that the meaning of the text does not change (for example, replacing words with synonyms)

    — Setting the required level of uniqueness


  • Generating reviews or comments on an article, product, or anything else

    — User mood selection (Satisfied / Dissatisfied / Neutral)
    — Selecting the number of reviews or comments for each topic
    — Selecting the language of reviews


  • Generation of the source code of a given program in a given programming language

    — Possibility of detailed commenting of the source code


  • Writing product descriptions
    At the input, characteristics, keywords, or just the name of the goods are given, and at the output — product descriptions according to the parameters you set


  • Generating article ideas

    — Choice of the number of ideas generated per keyword, phrase or topic
    — A separate mode for automatically creating ideas and then writing articles on them — in one click!


  • Generating images on a given request

    — Choice of output image size


  • Generating any text according to a user-specified template
    You can specify your request ("prompt") for AI, thanks to which you can write anything: even a fairy tale or a high-quality horror! Writing by mask is also supported (“Custom template”): the task (what to do) is set once, and as many names as you like (for example, titles or plots of books that need to be written) are given as input.


  • "Antidetect + Uniqueness" mode
    Makes any text invisible to AI detectors: services like "Copyleaks" say that the article was completely written by a person! And, as a bonus, it significantly increases the uniqueness of the article.


  • Possibility of text translation
    The output text is much more accurate than in online translators!

Below are screenshots of the program settings. As you can see, despite the extensive functionality and complex logic of work, setting up and working with the program is extremely simple:

You can get acquainted with examples of the work of the program on the above functionality on this page.

This page was last edited on 06/17/2023. This does not mean that the script has not been updated anymore: you can find fully up-to-date information about the latest updates in our Telegram channel (information about updates is added mainly in Russian, but the script itself and all the new functionality are completely in English) @clipaibot: