Affiliate program

Would you like to recommend ClipAI to a friend, in a chat or forum? Or perhaps you have your own blog or course on SEO or neural networks? Now you can earn 20% of the value of the purchases of invited users!

In our Telegram-bot you can find your referral link and affiliate balance. The rules are simple:

1. You get 20% of all purchases of the invited user. Sharing profits with a referral, issuing bonuses for purchases, and so on is allowed.
2. Payouts with no fees.
3. The first payout is possible after two purchases through your link.
Each next payment - at any time.
4. Hold - 3 days (72 hours).
5. If a referral launches a bot for the first time using your link, you will always receive profit from his purchases, even if, for example, he finds ClipAI on the Internet on his own in a year.

It is forbidden to use any fraudulent or illegal schemes when attracting users. If such schemes are used, we reserve the right to refuse to pay.


For any questions, write to @a1exmurz, and you can automatically get a referral link in our Telegram-bot.


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