ClipAI Plus

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ClipAI Plus is our unique development that, by connecting AI to the internet, allows you to generate much higher quality texts with the "GPT-3.5 + ClipAI Plus" combo than with GPT-4! This will enable you not only to create content of a higher quality than copywriters, but also to explore new online earning niches.



What is ClipAI Plus from a technical perspective?

It is a subscription to our server capabilities, allowing various ways to improve text writing. The main enhancement is connecting AI to the internet. This means that when writing text, GPT will have knowledge up to the current day and will not "make up" nonexistent facts.

If you have encountered, for example, decrease in search engine position for useless content (Google Helpful Content Update), then Plus is exactly what you need. There is no "deception" of search engines' demoting filters here: Plus genuinely generates useful and high-quality content..

How is ClipAI Plus better than ChatGPT Plus or Perplexity AI?

We briefly answered this question in the relevant topic our knowledge base.

Why is it necessary to connect AI to the internet for writing articles?

  1. This will allow you to venture into new topics for earning money, in which the text has so far been written exclusively by freelance copywriters and specialists, and not by AI. For example:-News sites
    -Health and medicine
    -Jurisprudence and law; legal consultations
    -Other topics where current information changes daily (e.g., IT)*For some topics, it is highly advisable to check the written text: the internet sources that GPT will use sometimes contain incorrect information as well.
  2. Even on topics that GPT knows well, information from the internet can add more precise or new facts (which will make sanctions from search engines for "useless content" practically impossible), and sometimes even reduce the "spamminess" of the text.
  3. Often, you can save money, by not using the much more expensive GPT-4, as GPT-3.5 will write just as well, or even better!

How do you configure it? 

It's extremely simple! Just check the "ClipAI Plus" option in the "Processing" tab of the input settings. That's all that needs to be done: no additional proxies, keys, settings, or other complexities are required.

Is this essentially automated article rewriting from other websites?

Better. It's about writing entirely new articles considering the knowledge acquired by artificial intelligence from other websites.

How does it work from a technical standpoint?

To greatly simplify the algorithm, our server prepares information from the internet on the topic you specify, and then sends it to ClipAI. In turn, ClipAI sends the information received from the server to GPT along with the topic and task you specified.

Naturally, there are also many different improvements, checks, repeat requests, etc., to always ensure only high-quality text is produced.

So, you're just parsing Google?

No. At first glance, this may indeed seem like the best (albeit far from the simplest and cheapest) solution, but in such a case, the information becomes insufficient for long articles.

How much does it cost?

After purchasing ClipAI , a subscription to ClipAI Plus is given free for 7 days from the first use. You can check the current prices in the ClipAI Plus payment Telegram bot. The price is for a one-month subscription: within it, you can receive up-to-date information for an unlimited, ​ 
 number of articles, including in multi-threaded mode. Please note that this is an additional and optional module for the main program — ClipAI.