Use Cases

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Below are examples of articles written by the program. To expand example, just click on it.

Please note: most of the examples below were originally written in Russian, and have been translated on this page by a regular automatic translator. That's why they may contain small translation errors that will not be present when generating text using ClipAI.

Each example was created by the program approximately 20-30 seconds.

Please note: under many examples we have indicated the percentage of uniqueness at the time of writing. If you try to check the uniqueness of the text yourself, it may be significantly lower, which is quite logical, because the article has already been published on this site.

The quality of articles will be even better than in the examples below if connect the AI to the internetClipAI allows you to do this in one click, without complex settings.


1. Examples of how the article writing mode works with HTML tag generation and auto-publishing in WordPress:

Huge articles

Typically, this size of articles is not used on websites., but are divided into several different subtopics (ClipAI allows you to do this automatically). But if suddenly you need just such a text, look at the writing examples below:


2. Mode of writing short articles (“Copywriting”) without publishing on the site:

Article on the topic "Advantages and disadvantages of suspended ceilings». The size specified in the settings is 2'000 characters. Style - “First person”

Stretch ceilings: beauty and practicality, but there are nuances

Last year, I finally decided to renovate the living room. One of the main points was updating the ceiling. The old plaster with cracks had been an eyesore for a long time. I considered different options, but in the end I settled on stretch ceilings. Now, almost a year later, I want to share my experience and talk about the pros and cons of this decision.

Why did I choose suspended ceilings?​

1.​ Speed ​​and cleanliness of installation. This was one of the decisive factors. Repair is already a dusty business, and I didn’t want to bother with puttying and painting the ceiling. The team installed the ceiling in just one day, and most importantly, practically without dirt and dust.
2.​ Perfectly flat surface.​ My old ceiling was far from ideal, and leveling would have been expensive. A stretch ceiling solved this problem ⎻ now I have a perfectly smooth and even surface.
3.​ Design opportunities.​ I chose a matte white canvas, but the choice of textures and colors is simply huge. You can create multi-level designs, use photo printing or even an imitation of the starry sky.
4. Practicality.​ Stretch ceilings are not afraid of moisture, so they can be installed even in the bathroom. In addition, it is easy to clean with a regular damp cloth.​
5.​ Protection against leaks.​ Fortunately, I haven’t had to test this in practice yet, but the neighbors above have already flooded the apartments on the floor below more than once. I know that a suspended ceiling can hold a large amount of water and protect furniture from damage.​

Are there any disadvantages?​

1.​ Price.​ Yes, a stretch ceiling is not a cheap pleasure. But if you compare it with the cost of leveling and painting, the difference is not that big. In addition, the service life of a stretch ceiling is much longer.
2. Fear of sharp objects. This is perhaps the main drawback. The canvas is easily damaged, so you need to be careful when carrying furniture or long objects.
3. Reducing the height of the room. The stretch ceiling “eats” several centimeters of height. In my case, this is not critical, but in apartments with low ceilings, this point must be taken into account.

My verdict

Overall, I am very pleased with my stretch ceiling. It looks beautiful, is practical and will last for many years. If you are also thinking about this option, then weigh all the pros and cons, and perhaps this is exactly what you need!

Uniqueness - 100%:

And Copyleaks, one of the most advanced AI detectors, believes that the text was written by a person:

Article on the topic “Polaris PEA 1536ADL Juicer.” 2'000 characters specified. Style - “Critical”. An AI connection to the Internet is used.

Juicer Polaris PEA 1536ADL: advantages and disadvantages

Polaris PEA 1536ADL is a centrifugal juicer in the mid-price segment, actively promoted on the market․ Let's try to figure out whether this model is as good as the manufacturer positions it․


  • Power: 1500 W
  • Speeds: 4 modes
  • Loading hole diameter: 85 mm
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Additional functions: foam separator, drop-stop system


  • Wide loading opening: allows you to load whole fruits and vegetables, saving time on preparation․
  • High Power: ensures quick extraction of juice even from hard products․
  • Several operating modes: allow you to choose the optimal speed for different types of products․
  • Stylish design: it looks modern and fits harmoniously into the kitchen interior․


  • Noisy operation: Like most centrifugal juicers, the PEA 1536ADL generates significant operating noise․
  • Low spin quality: centrifugal extraction technology leads to the loss of some vitamins and minerals, as well as rapid oxidation of the juice;
  • A large amount of cake: The cake turns out wet, which indicates incomplete extraction․
  • Not suitable for greens and soft fruits: To obtain juice from greens and soft fruits, it is better to use auger juicers․
  • Difficulty in cleaning: a large number of parts complicates the washing process․

It is quite good for those who are looking for a powerful and inexpensive device for juicing hard fruits and vegetables․ However, if maximum retention of nutrients, quiet operation and ease of cleaning are important to you, you should consider other options, such as auger juicers․


Besides centrifugal juicers, there are other types of juicers that may be better for you:

  • Screw: extract the juice more slowly, but at the same time retain more vitamins and minerals․ They are also quieter and handle greens and soft fruit better․
  • For citrus fruits: if your main goal is to obtain juice from citrus fruits, then it is better to choose a specialized model․

Remember that the choice of any household appliance depends on your individual needs and preferences․

At first glance, the article may seem quite simple.. However, we specifically used this article to show the ability of ClipAI to connect AI to the Internet. Typically, a neural network does not know the characteristics of specific models (especially quite rare ones, like the “Polaris PEA 1536ADL”), so it either indicates them incorrectly or does not indicate them at all. But in this article, thanks to our development, the neural network automatically found and indicated the characteristics:

  • Power: 1500 W
  • Speeds: 4 modes
  • Loading hole diameter: 85 mm
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Additional functions: foam separator, drop-stop system

And she even noted the noisy operation as a disadvantage, probably having read the reviews.

As you can see, there are no actual errors here:

This means that using ClipAI, you not only improve the quality of articles, but also practically eliminate the possibility of pessimization in search engines. In particular, the possibility of receiving an UC (“Unhelpful Content”) label from Yandex of similar search engines for factual errors is excluded.

Uniqueness – 100%. After all, ClipAI only connects AI to the Internet, and does not rewrite articles from other sites:


And Copyleaks again believes that the text was written by a person:



3. Text synonymization mode (“Rewriting”):

Rewriting a technical article

(All pictures here are clickable and lead to text checking on

Here is a real “Stress test” of the program. Several facts that were unfortunate for AI coincided:

1. The article is technical in nature (part of a university lecture on programming in C++).

2. It was originally written in Russian, the result is also in Russian.

3. The article has been cited dozens of times by various sources.

4. Initial uniqueness - 0.00%:

Let's check first in medium uniqueness mode:

47.25% uniqueness is not nearly as good as we would like. But it's not a problem! Let's skip the highly unique text mode, and let's go straight to the maximum:

Uniqueness 100.00%. ClipAI did a great job even with such complex text.


4. “Translator” mode (text translation)

How exactly is he better than ordinary translators?
At a minimum, he takes into account the context, understands the “play on words”, set expressions, and so on, which ultimately makes it possible to better translate the text.

For example, take this sentence in English:

Paul took it on the chin in the chess tournament.
"took it on the chin" - a stable expression meaning “to be defeated, to be defeated.” Respectively, ClipAI will translate the sentence like this:
Paul was defeated in a chess tournamentTranslation by ClipAI
But imagine if you, translating news or an article with such a sentence and use Google translatorwhich will respond like this:
Paul got hit on the chin at a chess tournament.Google Translate translation
Or Yandex translator, which translates not much better:
Paul was hit in the chin at a chess tournament.Translation by Yandex Translator
The meaning is slightly distorted, isn't it? 🙂


Bonus: A few simple examples of what the program can be used for and At the moment, this page is only available in Russian, but ClipAI can generate text in English as well. The ClipAI interface itself (all options and notifications) is also in English. You can use the translator in your browser to see examples of the generated text, but keep in mind that the text generated in English is many times better than after the translator.:

1. Make money on the copywriting or rewriting exchange

We find any regular order on the freelance exchange. For example, here we need a rewrite:


You can earn a lot more. For example, if you need copywriting (text writing), the usual price for it is about 5 times more.
Take the task, go into the program and select “Rewrite” and the file from the customer:


Wait a couple of minutes and see what happens:


In this example, rewriting was used in maximum uniqueness mode. The program has the ability to reduce the uniqueness and, accordingly, increase the similarity of the text in meaning.
You can even check the uniqueness of the resulting text:


Great! Can be sent to the customer.

2. Write an article for a public page or website in five minutes

In principle, you can “write” at least 100 articles in this way at one time, it won’t take much longer. For example, let's write 10 articles. For example, the theme of a site or group is wallpaper for the home. So we write the script, select the generation of 10 ideas. Here are the topics the script suggested:


If everything is fine, select this file directly and switch the mode to “Writing an article.” Two minutes, and we have 10 files:


Let's look at one of them:


And now on the uniqueness of this text:


3. Fill the IT website with unique and working code

Let's find out from the script which programs on Android are now relevant in the same way as at the beginning of spoiler 2:


And we simply turn on the script in the “Generate code” mode. 5-10 minutes of waiting for 100 programs, the code for almost all programs is written. Let me give an example of one of them:


By the way, code comments can be turned on or off in the settings.