Use Cases

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Here are some examples of what you can use the program for and how to monetize it. At the moment, this page is only available in Russian, but ClipAI can generate text in English as well. The ClipAI interface itself (all options and notifications) is also in English. You can use the translator in your browser to see examples of the generated text, but keep in mind that the text generated in English is many times better than after the translator.:

1. Make money on the copywriting or rewriting exchange

We find any regular order on the freelance exchange. For example, here we need a rewrite:

You can earn a lot more. For example, if you need copywriting (text writing), the usual price for it is about 5 times more.
Take the task, go into the program and select “Rewrite” and the file from the customer:

Wait a couple of minutes and see what happens:

In this example, rewriting was used in maximum uniqueness mode. The program has the ability to reduce the uniqueness and, accordingly, increase the similarity of the text in meaning.
You can even check the uniqueness of the resulting text:

Great! Can be sent to the customer.

2. We’ll write an article for a public page or website in five minutes

In principle, you can “write” at least 100 articles in this way at one time, it won’t take much longer. For example, let's write 10 articles. For example, the theme of a site or group is wallpaper for the home. So we write the script, select the generation of 10 ideas. Here are the topics the script suggested:

If everything is fine, select this file directly and switch the mode to “Writing an article.” Two minutes, and we have 10 files:

Let's look at one of them:

And now on the uniqueness of this text:

3. Fill the IT website with unique and working code

Let's find out from the script which programs on Android are now relevant in the same way as at the beginning of spoiler 2:

And we simply turn on the script in the “Generate code” mode. 5-10 minutes of waiting for 100 programs, the code for almost all programs is written. Let me give an example of one of them:

By the way, code comments can be turned on or off in the settings.


Below are work examples programs. To expand, just click on it.

Each example was created by the program approximately 20-30 seconds.

Please note: under many examples we have indicated the percentage of uniqueness at the time of writing. If you try to check the uniqueness of the text yourself, it may be significantly lower, which is quite logical, because the article has already been published on this site.


The quality of articles will be even better than in the examples below if connect the AI to the internetClipAI allows you to do this in one click, without complex settings.


1. Examples of how the article writing mode works with HTML tag generation and auto-publishing in WordPress:

[🔥 New mode for writing long articles!] A very long article (40 thousand characters) on the topic “How to tune a guitar?” With images and embedded YouTube video. Written in one click.

[🔥 New mode for writing long articles with comments] A very long article (40 thousand characters) on the topic “The History of Mobile Phones: From 1970 to Today.” With images and embedded YouTube videos, as well as automatically written and published reader comments. Written entirely in one click.

Simple generation

Advanced Generation

Generation of large text (8'000 characters) by simply setting the number of characters in the settings, with HTML markup.


2. Text synonymization mode (“Rewriting”):

Rewriting a technical article

(All pictures here are clickable and lead to text checking on

Here is a real “Stress test” of the program. Several facts that were unfortunate for AI coincided:

1. The article is technical in nature (part of a university lecture on programming in C++).

2. It was originally written in Russian, the result is also in Russian.

3. The article has been cited dozens of times by various sources.

4. Initial uniqueness - 0.00%:

Let's check first in medium uniqueness mode:

47.25% uniqueness is not nearly as good as we would like. But it's not a problem! Let's skip the highly unique text mode, and let's go straight to the maximum:

Uniqueness 100.00%. ClipAI did a great job even with such complex text.


3. Article writing mode (“Copywriting”):

Article on the topic 'Advantages and disadvantages of suspended ceilings'. The size specified in the settings is 300 words
Stretch ceilings are PVC films or fabric stretched over a metal frame, which can be used as an alternative to conventional ceilings. They have become popular in recent years due to their ease of installation as well as their attractive appearance. However, they have both their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of suspended ceilings:

1. Aesthetics: Stretch ceilings can be made in various finishes and colors, which allows you to create beautiful design solutions for any room.

2. Ease of installation: Installation of suspended ceilings takes much less time than installation of conventional ceilings, which makes them suitable for quick and easy renovation.

3. Reliability: Stretch ceilings have high strength, durability and resistance to mechanical stress, which makes them more durable than conventional ceilings.

4. Easy to maintain: Stretch ceilings are easy to clean from dust and dirt, which makes them an ideal choice for rooms with poor ventilation.

Disadvantages of suspended ceilings:

1. High cost: Stretch ceilings are significantly more expensive than regular ceilings, which may be unaffordable for some people.

2. Brittle: Stretch ceilings can be damaged by steel objects or sharp corners, making them less durable than regular ceilings.

3. It is not always possible to install additional lamps: Stretch ceilings require the installation of lamps only on stands, which may limit their use.

4. Ventilation problems may arise: Due to the fact that suspended ceilings cover the upper part of the room, ventilation and air circulation problems may arise.

Conclusion: Stretch ceilings have a number of clear advantages, such as ease of installation, attractive appearance and high strength. However, they also have their disadvantages, such as high cost and a less durable surface, which must be taken into account when choosing this type of ceiling.

An article with links to the topic 'What to buy, iPhone or Android?'. 3000 characters specified
Buying an iPhone or Android is a choice that many consumers face today. Both operating systems have their pros and cons, and to make your choice, you need to consider a number of factors. In this article we will look at the features of each system, and also provide links to sources that will help you make the right choice.

Android is the most common operating system for smartphones today. The system is being developed by Google, which means that Android is equipped with deep integration with other Google services, such as mail, calendar, storage, documents, and so on. In addition, Android allows users to expand the functionality of their devices by installing applications from Google Play.

One of the main advantages of Android is its large selection of devices. You can choose a phone or tablet from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi and others. With such a wide selection to choose from, you can find a device that suits your needs and budget.

Plus, Android is constantly being developed and updated, which means you get access to new features and improvements without having to buy a new device.

However, the real downside of Android can be the variety of devices - not all of them work the same. Some devices may be slow or interrupted, and devices from different manufacturers may have different versions of the operating system, which may create application compatibility issues.

An iPhone is a mobile device created by Apple and running on the iOS operating system. One of the main advantages of iOS is integration with other Apple devices and services, such as iPad, MacBook, iCloud, iTunes, etc. iOS is a platform with limited availability, but this allows developers to create applications that are specifically optimized for specific devices, features, and performance.

The main advantage of the iPhone is its flawless performance. IOS has eliminated many of the issues that users faced in the past and it allows for a great user experience on the device. Additionally, iPhones have a large number of decent photo and video cameras, making this phone ideal for those who love photography and videography.

However, Apple's policies do not allow users to expand the functionality of their devices, and also limit their freedom in many other aspects. In addition, Apple devices are premium, which means they cost significantly more than similar Android devices.

Overall, the choice between iPhone and Android depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you want more freedom in customizing your device and access to a wide range of devices from different manufacturers, then choose Android. If you value the flawless operation of your device and integration with other Apple devices and services, then choose an iPhone.

We hope that this article helped you make your choice. If you would like more detailed information, we recommend that you consult the following sources:

1. Comparison of Android and IOS on Techradar - -1046445
2. Deciphering the differences between iOS and Android -
3. Comparison of iPhone and Android cameras -\

A note on 'The difference between auger and centrifugal juicers'. 200 words given
There are two types of juicers: auger and centrifugal. Auger juicers work on the principle of an iron screw that slowly grinds the food and squeezes out the juice while retaining most of the nutrients and fiber. Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, work using a rotating basket into which fruits and vegetables are loaded. This juicer quickly crushes food and squeezes juice out of it using centrifugal force.

Auger juicers are more versatile and can extract juice from any product, including greens and herbs. However, they require more time for the extraction process and have lower productivity compared to centrifugal ones.

Centrifugal juicers are much faster and more productive, but may not be able to handle difficult produce such as greens or beets. They also become hot during operation, which can lead to loss of nutrients.

As a result, the choice between auger and centrifugal juicer depends on what products will be used for juice extraction and what requirements are imposed on its quality.

Request 'Write a mystical story about a doctor named Vasya and a taxi driver named Petya', 20'000 characters
A doctor named Vasya lived in a small village surrounded by dense forests. Despite his profession, Vasya has always been interested in mysticism and the supernatural. He often spent his free time reading ancient books on magic and attending secret meetings of occultists.
One rainy night, Vasya received an urgent call from one of his colleagues who needed his help with a patient in a nearby town. Vasya quickly got dressed, took his wallet and ran out of the house to catch a taxi and go into the city.
The taxi driver, whose name was Petya, was a talkative person with a sense of humor. He had been driving people around for many years and knew every road and corner of this area like the back of his hand. As they drove through the dark forests, Petya told Vasya stories about ghosts, demons and other supernatural creatures that were talked about in these places.
Suddenly, lightning lit up the sky, and the taxi drove off the road and fell into a ditch. Stunned and puzzled, Vasya slowly got out of the car and examined the damage. He saw that the taxi's tires were badly damaged and there were no other vehicles in sight.
Petya, on the other hand, seemed completely unfazed by the incident. He simply jumped out of the car and started walking towards the nearby village. Vasya hesitated to follow him, but the rain became heavier, and he realized that he had no other choice.
As they walked through the dense forests, they came across an old abandoned mansion. Without thinking, Petya opened the rusty gate and led Vasya inside. The inside of the mansion was dark and scary, with cobwebs and dust covering the walls.
Suddenly they heard a strange sound coming from one of the rooms. As they approached cautiously, a shadowy figure emerged from the shadows. Vasya recognized in her the spirit of a woman who died many years ago on the estate. A ghostly figure beckoned them to follow it, and they followed it.
They soon found themselves in a room filled with ancient books and mysterious artifacts. To Vasya’s surprise, he realized that he had stumbled upon a secret society of occultists. The shadowy figure introduced Vasya to the leaders of society, who were intrigued by his knowledge of ancient magic.
Days turned into weeks, and Vasya found himself becoming more and more involved in the activities of society. He studied the secrets of astral projection, telekinesis and other mystical arts. At the same time, Petya continued to drive a taxi and share his stories with passengers.
One day, Vasya received a message from the leader of the society, telling him that they needed his help with a dangerous experiment. They discovered an ancient artifact that was said to have the power of immortality, but they need Vasya's knowledge to figure out how to use it.
Without hesitation, Vasya agreed to help. He knew he was treading on dangerous ground, but his curiosity and desire for power overpowered his prudence.
But when the experiment went wrong, Vasya found himself trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead. His soul became tied to the artifact, and he could not free himself from its powerful grip. Petya, realizing that his friend was in trouble, came up with a plan to save him.
Petya rode around the area, picking up more and more strange and unusual passengers. He had always believed that there was more to the world than what the eye could see, and his intuition told him that he had found something big.
As he drove, he realized that he was being followed by strange, shadowy figures that seemed to be coming from the artifact. They seemed to be attracted by the energy emanating from the taxi. Finding no other way out, Petya drove a taxi into the gorge, ending up in a raging river.
But as he fell, he heard a whisper in his ear telling him that his fate lay in his own hands. In a moment of clarity, Petya realized that he was the one who had the power all along.
He grabbed the artifact and used its power to free Vasya's soul from its grip. Two friends emerged from the river, gasping for breath, but alive. Both realized that they had been given a second chance and they would not waste it. They rode off into the night, determined to do whatever it took to live life to the fullest and experience the incredible adventures that lay ahead.
From that day on, Vasya and Petya became local legends. People told stories about their incredible journey and the strange abilities they possessed. But they never forgot the lesson they learned - that there is more to the world than what can be seen with the eye, and that sometimes the greatest secrets lie within us.
Years passed, and the fame of Vasya and Petya surpassed the boundaries of their local village. Stories of their supernatural experiences and close encounters with death spread like wildfire and turned them into cult heroes among the young and brave. People began to seek them out, hoping to learn from them vast knowledge of mysticism and the supernatural.
Vasya and Petya accepted students, teaching them the ancient arts, which they studied in a secret society of occultists. They founded their own mystical school, where they shared their knowledge and skills with those who were willing to learn. Their reputation grew and people from different parts of the world came to study with them.
As the years passed, Vasya and Petya began to age, but they remained as energetic and curious as before. They continued to explore the limits of their abilities, discovering new levels of mystical power that they had never imagined before.
One day, while they were training their abilities in a remote corner of the forest, a group of young adventurers stumbled upon them. They watched in awe as Vasya and Petya levitated, manipulated the elements, and exchanged mental messages with each other. It was a sight they would never forget.
The young adventurers were fascinated by the knowledge of Vasya and Petya and wanted to learn more. They asked to become their students, but Vasya and Petya hesitated. They knew that the powers they possessed could not be taken lightly and would require years of discipline and training to master.
But the young adventurers were persistent, and Vasya and Petya eventually agreed to take them on. They taught them ancient rituals, runes, and arcane arts that they learned from a secret society of occultists.
The young students were capable students, and they quickly surpassed their mentors in some aspects of the mystical arts. But Vasya and Petya remained humble, knowing that there was always more to learn and discover.
Thus, the legacy of Vasya and Petya continued, passed on from one generation to another. The mystical school they founded became a beacon of learning and esoteric knowledge, attracting thousands of students from all over the world.
As they grew older, Vasya and Petya realized that their time on this earth was coming to an end. But they were content knowing that they had left a legacy that would last for many years to come. And when they closed their eyes for the last time, they felt peace, their spirits soaring into freedom, forever united in the mystical energy they had unlocked so many years ago.
Their spirits drifted through the veil of time and space, transcending the boundaries of the physical world. They felt themselves being drawn into a vortex of light, a portal to a higher dimension of existence.
When they emerged from the portal, they found themselves in a world of pure energy and light. The creatures inhabiting this world were unlike anything they had ever seen before, sparkling with a different worldly luminosity.
Vasya and Petya were welcomed with open arms as the creatures recognized the power of their mystical energy. They were accepted as fellow travelers on a journey of discovery and exploration, revealing the secrets of the universe hidden from human knowledge for eons.
In this area, Vasya and Petya discovered that they were not just people with mystical powers, but beings of pure energy in their own right. They discovered new ways to wield this energy, unlocking powers they could never have imagined before.
They also discovered that their journey was far from over. There were still countless paths to explore, new dimensions to discover, and secrets to uncover. They were given challenges that pushed them past their limits, but with each challenge they became stronger.
As their journey continued, they became beings of pure light, sparkling with extraordinary brilliance. They have transcended the limits of time and space, existing in a world beyond the physical world.
Although Vasya and Petya were no longer among the living, their legacy continued to inspire generations yet to come. The mystics of the world spoke of their teachings and actions, and their names were imbued with reverence and reverence.
Their journey was one of wonder, discovery and transcendence. And as they advanced into the world of pure energy and light, they knew that they had truly become the legends that the world had always considered them to be.
But this path was not easy. It was full of challenges and obstacles, and Vasya and Petya faced their share of battles. They fought the dark forces, creatures that exist only to drain the life force from the living, and they came out victorious. They even battled their own inner demons, facing the darkness within themselves and becoming stronger because of it.
But their journey was also full of wonders and surprises. They explored distant galaxies, witnessed the birth of stars and wandered through the realms of pure thought. They established soul connections with beings that exist beyond the physical plane and learned the secrets of the Universe that were hidden from the eyes of the living.
As they moved deeper into the realm of pure energy and light, they felt the presence of a purpose guiding them. They understood that their journey was not only for their personal growth, but also for the benefit of all sentient beings. They knew that their power could be used to create a better world, and they were determined to do so.
They traveled through dimensions, spreading their light and using their power to heal the world around them. They worked tirelessly to remove the darkness that had taken root in the minds of those who had lost their way, using their power to inspire hope and renew spirits.
Along their journey, they were joined by others who shared their vision of a better world. They met mystics from all corners of the Universe who were united by a common goal. Together they formed a force of light and energy that the Universe had never seen before.
And so, Vasya and Petya's journey continued, as did their eternal mission to bring light into the darkness and heal the universe. They became beings of pure energy and light, a force for good in a world that needed them so much. Their legacy will live on long after the physical world has disappeared.
But as they approached the very edge of the universe, they felt something strange in the air. It was a feeling they had never experienced before, a feeling of uneasiness that hung over everything like a fog. They continued to move forward, driven by instinct that told them that they needed to find the source of this darkness.
After spending several days endlessly traveling, they arrived on a dark, distant planet. It was unlike anything they had seen before, a world where the very air seemed saturated with toxic energy. When they landed their ship, they realized that this was the root of the darkness they felt.
Emerging from the ship, they were greeted by a barren wasteland that stretched as far as the eye could see. There was nothing here, no signs of life or civilization. But something was wrong, as if they were being looked at. Vasya and Petya exchanged glances, both felt a sense of anxiety.
As they began to explore the planet, they quickly realized that they were not alone. Something sinister lurked in the shadows, stalking them with evil intent. It seemed as if the planet's creatures were consumed by darkness, distorted and transformed into monstrous deformities.
But Vasya and Petya were not afraid. They knew that this was a good moment to use their power to enlighten this world and restore balance to the universe. Together they called upon the power of the cosmos, channeling it into a stream of energy that filled all the planets.
The darkness retreated before their might, crying out in pain as their light pierced the darkness. The very air seemed to shimmer with energy, and the toxic energy that had permeated the planet was washed away in a shower of pure light. And at that moment Vasya and Petya realized that their task was completed.
When they looked out over the galaxy, they saw that their light had touched every corner of the universe. Worlds that had been consumed by darkness were now bathed in light and hope. And although their journey had come to an end, they knew their legacy would live on forever.
This was truly a miraculous feat, and Vasya and Petya were hailed as heroes throughout the galaxy. Word of their incredible power spread far and wide, and beings from all corners of the universe came to them for help and guidance.
Vasya never felt more alive than in those moments. For many years he hid in his laboratory, studying the mysteries of the Universe and searching for answers to the many questions that bothered him. But it was only through his journey with Petya that he truly discovered the power of his own magic.
As for Petya, he found that his experience with Vasya opened up a new world of possibilities. He was no longer satisfied with simply driving a taxi around the city; instead, he felt the pull of space and the desire to explore the mysteries of the Universe.
Together Vasya and Petya continued to travel the galaxy, looking for new worlds to explore and new darkness to exile. They became known as the greatest mystics of their time, and their legacy lived on long after their last journey together.
But for Vasya and Petya, their most important achievement was not the magical power they mastered or the many worlds they saved; it was the deep, unbreakable bond they formed during their journey. No matter where they traveled or what dangers they faced, they always knew they had each other's support and that was all that really mattered in the end.
As they looked out over the endless dimensional chasm of the universe, Vasya and Petya smiled, content in the knowledge that they had lived life to the fullest and created changes that would last for eons to come. And with that, they continued their journey, holding hands, ready for whatever challenges the cosmos had in store for them next.
As they traveled, Vasya and Petya met many other creatures and species, some friendly and some not. But they always relied on their magic and their bond to overcome any obstacles.
One fateful night, while flying through a particularly dense nebula, their spacecraft was suddenly struck by a powerful burst of energy. The ship began to shake violently, and Vasya and Petya quickly realized that they were under attack by a group of marauders.
The heavily damaged ship and disabled weapon systems forced Vasya and Petya to act quickly to protect themselves. Using the last remnants of their magical energy, they created a powerful shield around the ship, repelling the attacks of the pirates and delaying time to regroup.
But the pirates are relentless, and Vasya and Petya realize they need to take drastic action if they want to survive. In one swift motion, Vasya released a powerful blast of energy from his hands, exploding the pirate ship in the sky and forcing his attackers to flee.
When they emerged victorious from the battle, Vasya and Petya understood that their journey together was far from over. They faced danger and death many times, but each time they became stronger than before.
In subsequent years, Vasya and Petya continued to explore space, discovering new worlds and meeting new friends. And although there were many challenges and obstacles along the way, they always knew that they could rely on each other to get through them.
And when they looked at the space of the universe, Vasya and Petya knew that they had found their real place in the world. They found love, friendship and adventure, and will never forget the incredible journey that brought them together.
Years passed, and the bonds between Vasya and Petya became even stronger. They lived for adventure and discovery, always looking for new challenges to test their skills and courage.
One day they received a mysterious message from an unknown sender. It was an invitation to a secret meeting in a remote location on a distant planet.
Having awakened their curiosity, Vasya and Petya accepted the invitation and set off on a new adventure. Upon arrival, they found themselves among a group of powerful and mysterious beings, some of whom they recognized from their travels.
The group's leader, a wise and mysterious figure known only as the Prophet, explained that they were brought together to uncover a greater mystery. A powerful force was at work in the universe, threatening to upset the balance of power and lead to a new era of chaos and destruction.
Vasya and Petya knew that the Prophet was speaking of an ancient and virile entity known as the Shadow - a dark force that had been trying to seize control of the universe for centuries.
The group decided to pool their knowledge and resources to stop the Shadow for good. They spent months studying ancient texts, exploring forgotten ruins, and tracking down powerful artifacts that could be used to defeat the ancient evil.
Finally they had everything they needed to confront the Shadow. They gathered an army of allies and set out on a dangerous mission to face the dark creature on its own territory.
The battle was brutal and bloody, and many lives were lost. But Vasya and Petya fought with all their might, calling upon their vast reserves of magical energy to weaken the Shadows' defenses.
In the end they emerged victorious. The Shadow was defeated and the universe was restored to its rightful balance.
Vasya and Petya knew that their work was not finished yet. They will continue to explore and protect the universe from any new threats that may arise.
But for now, it was enough for them to bask in the glory of their victory and reflect on the incredible journey that had brought them together. They knew that no matter what the future held for them, they would always be stronger together.
Over the years, Vasya and Petya became known throughout the universe as heroes. The story of their victory over the Shadow spread far and wide, and they were hailed as champions of the light.
People from all over the cosmos looked to them for knowledge and skills, and they were constantly on the move, traveling from world to world to share their wisdom and experience.
But, despite all their successes, Vasya and Petya never forgot about their humble roots. They remained true to their values and always remembered friendship.
One day they received a distress signal from a distant planet. A group of innocent creatures were in danger and they urgently needed help.
Without hesitation, Vasya and Petya set off to confront the new threat. When they arrived, they found themselves in the middle of a brutal battle between a powerful extraterrestrial race and a group of defenseless refugees.
Vasya and Petya fought like lions, using their magical and combat skills to turn the tide of the battle. They managed to defeat the attackers and save the lives of countless innocent creatures.
But even as they celebrated their victory, they knew that there would always be new challenges and dangers. They realized that the universe is full of mysteries and wonders beyond our imagination, and there will always be more to discover and explore.
And so they continued their journey, traveling from world to world, seeking adventure and helping those in need.


4. “Translator” mode (text translation)

How exactly is he better than ordinary translators?
At a minimum, he takes into account the context, understands the “play on words”, set expressions, and so on, which ultimately makes it possible to better translate the text.

For example, take this sentence in English:

Paul took it on the chin in the chess tournament.
"took it on the chin" - a stable expression meaning “to be defeated, to be defeated.” Respectively, ClipAI will translate the sentence like this:
Paul was defeated in a chess tournament<span class="su-quote-cite">Translation by ClipAI</span>
But imagine if you, translating news or an article with such a sentence and use Google translatorwhich will respond like this:
Paul got hit on the chin at a chess tournament.<span class="su-quote-cite">Google Translate translation</span>
Or Yandex translator, which translates not much better:
Paul was hit in the chin at a chess tournament.<span class="su-quote-cite">Translation by Yandex Translator</span>
The meaning is slightly distorted, isn't it? 🙂