The water shut-off valve is one of the most important elements of the water supply system. Its task is to ensure that the water supply in the pipeline can be stopped if necessary.

A shut-off valve can be used to stop or change the flow of water through a pipeline. It can be installed in various areas of the water supply system: at the main inlet, on the inlet or outlet pipe, in intermediate areas, etc. In addition, shut-off valves can be installed on water pipes of both small diameters and large water pipes.

The basic principle of operation of a shut-off valve is to block the flow of water with a special remote valve. When it is necessary to stop the water supply, the remote shutter rotates at a certain angle and blocks the flow of water. This allows the water supply to be interrupted to repair or replace a section of the water main.

The shut-off valve can be made of various materials, but the most common valves are made of cast or forged cast iron, as well as stainless steel. They can have different types of connections: flanged, threaded, welded. The choice of valve type and material depends on operating conditions, water parameters, technological features of the site and other factors.

One of the important parameters of a shut-off valve is its nominal diameter. It determines the maximum volume of water that the valve can flow per minute. Therefore, when choosing a valve, it is necessary to take into account the volume of water that will be transported through the pipeline.

The shut-off valve is an integral element in the water supply system, so its correct selection and installation are important steps to ensure uninterrupted operation of the water supply system. With proper use and maintenance, the shut-off valve will serve for a long time without failures or problems.

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