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What are the differences between ClipAI Plus and the internet connection of ChatGPT Plus or Perplexity AI?

ChatGPT Plus + Web Browsing ClipAI Plus Perplexity AI
Maximum number of requests per day ~100 No limits ~300
Caching stale data (longer - worse) Yes (long term) Almost none (~3 hours) Yes (long term)
Price $20/month From $15 up to $20 per month From $17 to $20 per month for manual requests.
~$7.8 per 1000 requests for automatic (API) requests
Possibility of automated writing of articles with knowledge from the Internet ✅ (easy, one click) ✅ (programming skills required)
AI access to the content of pages on the Internet
Number of characters of text used by Internet AI ~1000 ~8000 ~500

As can be seen in the table above, ClipAI Plus in many respects it significantly surpasses its main competitors.