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How is the ClipAI better than its competitors?

In this article we will highlight the main advantages of the ClipAI over its competitors. We do not believe that we are better than any competitor in all aspects: each program has its advantages and is necessary to achieve certain goals. Our main priorities are text quality, speed, and ease of setup. And we comply with them: this is confirmed reviews users.

Next, we will describe how and in what ways we differ from other similar programs:

1. Text quality. 

If you believe that AI (eg ChatGPT) written text can be used only on doorways, and in other cases it is worth at least manually editing each article - you should definitely try ClipAI. We don’t just edit prompts, but create special systems for pre- and post-processing of text and queries: the program implements several hundred different sets of rules. This means that you will not encounter “nonsense text”, and for this you do not need to configure anything additional.

2. Internet connectivity for AI.

Comparison of GPT-4 with GPT-3.5 + ClipAI Plus (AI Internet connection)
Knows information for any day and on any topic, generates less “water” in the text. You can see other examples of ClipAI Plus operation ­.

At the moment, ClipAI is practically the only program that allows connect neural network knowledge to the Internet. And according to our research, the best on the quality of implementation of this functionality.

Why is this necessary? To write text of maximum quality, even on the rarest topics. This will allow you to open new niches for earning money: for example, now you can generate high-quality text on medical, legal, or IT topics. Even if some information appeared only an hour ago, our program will be able to write an article on this topic! You can learn more about this functionality ­.

3. Speed of work.

We immediately solved two problems of content generators based on neural networks: demanding PC power and low operating speed. Thanks to this, the speed of ClipAI on the average PC is higher at least 6 timesthan competitors! Moreover, our program will work perfectly even on the oldest computers, including in multi-threaded mode (minimum system requirements - 2 processor cores and 2GB of RAM).

4. Easy to set up.

Everything is done so that you can start working immediately after purchase. You don't need to come up with prompts, proofread the text, look for an API key and pay for its use, and so on: everything is already working. And even if any question arises, we have a convenient FAQ with an answer to almost anything. Didn't find the answer? No problem: simple write to us, and we will help you, right up to full customization to suit your needs via remote access.

5. No sanctions from search engines or similar problems.

Yes, search engines already reported a long time agothat sites are not pessimistic in ranking for the generated content. But why do such sites still decline in search results, and Yandex even imposes filter "UC" (useless content) to such sites?

Filter screenshot
Filter “Little useful content”: possible when creating content through third-party programs. And almost impossible when working with ClipAI.

The answer is simple: because other programs often actually write useless content.

In ClipAI, everything has been done to avoid problems: for example, many text improvements that were described above. And it really works: approximately 98% our clients are neither pessimized nor removed from the search results.

6. Work in one click.

Tired of launching several program windows in order to work with different parameters at the same time? Don't want to start the day by manually uploading XML or CSV articles to each of your sites, adding and compressing images?

Our software does everything fully automatically. One click and articles are generated and published on your site, without the need for additional actions or monitoring.

7. Support.

Our team is working 24/7, almost daily, to help you. We are not only ready to fully configure the program for you, including through remote access, as stated above. We are ready to help, for example, with setting up WordPress or another CMS to suit your needs.

And we're not just talking about technical support. We constantly update the software, adding new useful functionality. Something is missing? Write to us and we will add the functionality you need.

We consider the practice of testing updates on clients unacceptable. Therefore, the tester monitors the absence of errors and “bugs” in the template. For example, we will never ask you to test updates yourself, as is the case with some programs.

8. No additional costs.

It's simple: to work with ClipAI you need to pay only for him. You don't need API keys, accounts, browser fingerprints, etc.

This is what distinguishes ClipAI from other combines and content generators. Here you can learn more about the functionality of the software. If you have any questions about the functionality, write to us on Telegram, or by clicking on the online chat button in the lower right corner.