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How to select separate categories (headings) for different articles?

The publishing category in WordPress can be set in the “Publishing” tab of the input settings. But what if you need to set different categories for different posts?

In this case, you can use several copies of the program, in each of which set topics for articles of a certain category. But sometimes it is more convenient to indicate a category next to the title of each article. It is for this purpose, along with the parameters ancor ­ site, you can use the “cat” parameter. To do this you need:

1. Enable the use of categories in the “Publishing” tab of the input settings.

2. Enter categories next to the topic names in the format:

Article title;cat=Category (heading) name

For example:

Which company created ChatGPT?;cat=Neural networks What is the best way to fill articles on a website?;cat=Programs