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"Part of the program cannot be loaded"

This error may occur if during the first launch (or during one of the major updates) ClipAI an error occurred during the automatic loading of additional programs or libraries. This often happens when the Internet connection is unstable.

Usually restarting the ClipAI helps (press the “Start” and “+1” button again). However, if this does not help, you can download an additional program manually:

1. Click ­to start downloading.

2. Right-click on the line with the script -> “Project Directory”.

3. Open (or create, if it doesn’t exist) the “bin” folder.

4. If the “bin” folder is not empty, delete all its contents.

5. Move the downloaded file to the “bin” folder. Don't change its name. The file name should not contain “(2)” or additional tags, only “ClipAI_Tokeniser” or “ClipAI_Tokeniser.exe”.

Now you can start ClipAI (press the “Start” and “+1” button again).