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How to correctly specify keywords for an article?

There are several options for setting keywords. You can choose any of the following that suits your needs:

1. Keywords instead of article titles. We simply indicate them in the input file. Example:

table, high quality, buy online assemble the table, instructions

Most likely, in this case, you will need to enable the “Generate title for article” option in the “Publication” tab.

2. Keywords tag (general). You can specify multiple topics to which the same keywords will be applied using the keywords tag. Example:

[keywords: buy now, cheap and high quality] How to choose a kitchen table? Types of kitchen tables by shape and material. Which one is better?

3. Keywords tag (separate for each article title). Example:

[keywords: solid wood, laminated chipboard, artificial stone] The best materials for tabletops [keywords: folding, sliding] Types of table transformation


Please note: the keywords tag cannot be without the title of the article after it. And if, together with point 2 or point 3, you use parameters ancor, ancorURL and others - they should be in the line with the title of a specific article, and not after the keywords tag!

✅ Correct ❌ Wrong
[keywords:phrase1, phrase2]

Best tables;ancor=buy table;ancorURL=

[keywords:phrase1, phrase2];ancor=buy table;ancorURL=
Best tables