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How to increase the uniqueness of the generated article?

Are the generated articles not unique enough? Below we will tell you how to fix this.

To begin with, we recommend checking the correct operation of the service through which you check uniqueness by comparing the highlighted “borrowings” with the found sources. For example, most often we receive complaints about the results of checks by the ETXT service: although it searches for similar elements very well, it does it too carefully. This means that he may consider another text, remotely similar to the one being compared, to be a direct borrowing.

1. Try to specify a narrower topic.

For example, if the topic of your article is “How to choose a laptop,” divide it into several different articles with a narrower topic. For example, “The best budget laptop for a student.”

ClipAI can divide topics into narrower ones using the “Creating ideas for articles«.

2. Use AI Internet Connection (for example, using ClipAI Plus).

Often, low uniqueness occurs because the topic used is too narrow, and the AI knows little different information about it. In this case, you can use ClipAI Plus. This will help AI learn a lot more information on almost any topic. Moreover, the facts in the text written in this way will be relevant today.

3. Increase the "Variety of text" in the "Parameters" tab of the input settings.

This will enable artificial intelligence to use more different facts in the article.

4. Use text style.

In this way, you can not only increase the uniqueness of the article, but also make it “more lively”, more similar “by eye” to something written by a person.

5. None of the above helped? Do automatic rewriting received article.

Using rewriting in ClipAI, you can almost guarantee increasing the uniqueness of the text to 100%. We recommend starting with choosing a medium text uniqueness.