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"Sorry, you are not allowed to create posts as this user"

Please note: this is not a ClipAI error. This is the response that your site returns via the REST API.

1. Most often, this error occurs due to incorrect entry of the application login or password. Check if you have configured your WordPress site correctly according to this instructions? Please note that you need to enter not your profile password from /wp-admin/, but the application password, which is exactly what is created in the above instructions. The login is your standard login from /wp-admin/.

2. This usually happens if you created an “application password” from an account that has lowered rights; or entered the username of this account in the “Publishing” tab. For example, he cannot create posts or publish them to all visitors. Check whether posts from this user are published manually through the admin panel (wp-admin). You can also check this by installing a separate plugin for managing roles and role access.

3. The error may be the result of some security plugin installed on your site. For example, it can prevent posts from being published via the WordPress REST API. Check the settings of such plugins and try disabling them.

4. Sometimes this happens if there is an article in the WP Post Recycle Bin with the same title or URL as the post attempt.