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Quota error in Google Gemini

This information is primarily intended for users of third-party programs. In ClipAI:

1. You do not need to enter the Gemini API key.
2. The errors listed below practically do not occur, since we use specially developed algorithms for this, and do not violate the rules of Gemini.
3. There are many improvements: for example, AI connected to the internet (which is not included in the API by default); significantly improved text quality, speed and usability.

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Gemini has two kinds of basic quota errors:

1. The usual limit on the number of requests per minute/day:

"code": 429, "message": "Resource has been exhausted (eg check quota).", "status": "RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED", "details": null

This limit will be fixed automatically as soon as you stop exceeding it. You can read about the maximum number of requests per minute and per day at corresponding page of Google AI. At the time of the last update of this page, the free version of Gemini has:

Requests per minute (RPM) Requests per day (RPD)
1.5-Pro 2 50
1.5-Flash 15 1500
1.0-Pro 15 1500

In this case, the limits are summed up. That is, total limit for one API key: 32 requests per minute, or 3050 requests per day. However, to do this, your program must be able to automatically switch the model used while running. ClipAI can do it.

2. Limit per region:

Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Generate Content API requests per minute'
and limit 'GenerateContent request limit per minute for a region'
of service '' for consumer 'project_number:...'

Despite what is stated in the answer, this error usually means that your key is locked. Wherein, judging by user reviews, in this case, you only need to reissue the API key: the account is often not blocked. This usually happens because the program you are using is too aggressive in using different API keys, for example, to generate a single article. This is prohibited by the Gemini rules, which is why it causes blocking.

The following error usually means the same thing:

API key expired. Please renew the API key.