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Advanced options

If you experience strange problems (for example, the connection to the neural network servers does not work, or the article contains a random set of characters or transitions to other languages), it is most likely due to these parameters. In this case, return them to the “Default” position.

'Advanced options' section of ClipAI settings

Let’s look at the settings that are located in the “Advanced Settings” section. We recommend changing them only if you know exactly what you are doing.

“Timeout waiting for a response to a request from AI (sec)”. The maximum time to wait for a response to each request. A larger value will reduce the number of errors when there is no response from the server or an empty response is received. At the same time, sometimes this can cause text to take longer to generate. Default is 360 sec.

"Repetition rate". A lower value may cause various problems in the article (random character set, transitions to other languages, and so on). However, sometimes this helps reduce the Spam parameter and expand the AI's vocabulary. Default is 5 points.

"Variety of text". A lower value can reduce the uniqueness of the text and make it “dry”, as well as increase the number of logical repetitions. However, AI will also become more likely to use those facts in which it is confident. Default - 5 points; and for some AIs - 3 points.

"Custom API Endpoint". Link to connect to an alternative API compatible with the GPT API when working with AI. Needed, for example, if you are using local AI, like GPT4All. Or use a general (for example, corporate) Reverse Proxy. The default value is