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How to write thousands of articles (article titles) on one “broad” topic?

Let's say you have a website with a broad topic (for example, “IT and new technologies”). You need to generate articles on this topic, but you don’t have the exact names of the topics. In this case, you should first use the “Create ideas for articles” mode, which will write the titles for the articles you need; and then turn on the article writing mode, using the previously received names as input.

However, each time you start in this mode, a maximum of 100 article titles will be written (you can set their exact number in the “Processing” tab of the input settings). In case you need, for example, 1000 articles, you can use one of the following methods:

First way:

  1. Specify in the “Processing” tab “Number of generated headers” - “100”.
  2. At the bottom of the Zennoposter screen, enter “How much to do” - “10”, and click “Start”.

In this case, you will receive 100*10=1000 articles. This is the simplest, but not the highest quality option: in this case, the headings may be repeated or logically intersect.

Second way:

  1. Specify in the “Processing” tab “Number of generated headers” - for example, “100”. Run one execution.
  2. Specify the file obtained in the previous step with article headers as input.
  3. Specify in the “Processing” tab “Number of generated headers” - “10”.
  4. “Input mode” - “One line - one request.”
  5. “Output data” - “Save” - “Requests in one execution - in one file.”

In this case, you will also receive 100*10=1000 articles. However, this option will give much better result: after all, not all titles will be written on the same topic, but general names will be written first (or, more simply put, sections: for example, on the topic “IT and new technologies” -> “Internet”, “Computers”, “…”); and then - narrower titles of articles for each general name separately (for example, “Computers” -> “Which laptop to choose in 2024”, “How to build a computer yourself?”). If necessary, for even narrower topics, you can create more levels of nesting of articles.

By the way, the “Create ideas for articles” mode, like many others, supports connecting a neural network to the Internet. This means that ClipAI will generate only high-quality headlines on today's in-demand topics.