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“Frequent repetition of themes was found: X points. Y points specified." What to do?

Please note: this is not an error. This is a mechanism to protect against repetition when writing in short articles mode, which is enabled in the “Processing” -> “Check for matches when continuing text” tab. Occurs when the AI has detected too frequent logical repetitions when continuing the text. ClipAI will make up to 10 re-write attempts, automatically changing some query parameters.

To reduce the number of repetitions of this message in the log, you must do one of the following:

  1. Change the operating mode to “Writing an article (with sections, for large articles).” It is recommended to do exactly this: in the mode of writing large articles, completely different, improved algorithms and methods for correcting logical repetitions are used.
  2. If you need no more than ~2000 characters in an article, disable the “Continue article if there are not enough characters in one answer” option in the “Processing” tab. In this case, there will be no repetitions when asking to continue the text, since there will be no requests to continue the text.
  3. Try increasing "Match check aggressiveness (0-100)". Please note: this is not a percentage of repetitions, but “points”. The number of “points” is determined by the AI after comparing two elements of the article (previous and current).
  4. Disable the "Check for matches when continuing text" option.