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When publishing on WordPress in the log “An empty response was received from a WordPress site” or another similar error; or articles are not published, but there are no errors.

First of all, check if you have done it correctly these instructions!

(!) If you use Cloudflare or a similar serviceand you encounter an error when publishing, follow these steps:

In CloudFlare, go to Security > WAF > Firewall rules, Create Firewall Rule. Fill in the fields:

Rule name - rule name - any When incoming requests match... - (ip.src in {}), where instead of - external IP of the computer from which the requests are coming (on which ClipAI is running) Then... - action - Allow

Set the rule to maximum priority (as high as possible).

If problems arise, do the same steps follow this link.

If it doesn't help - try the following. Open Zennoposter/Zennobox settings:

The upper-left corner of the Zennoposter window with the "Settings" button highlighted, which, when clicked, will open the Zennoposter settings panel.

Go to the “Execution” tab and check the “Use an alternative method for transmitting HTTP requests” checkbox, and increase the “Number of HTTP request attempts” parameter, for example, to the value “5”.

If this doesn't help either — check if you are using any plugin (for example, for security) that blocks the WordPress REST API.

Also check what appears when you navigate to the browser at . There should be a JSON response (a lot of code). If there is a 404 error, or a redirect to the main page, most likely you disabled the “WordPress REST API” or “wp-json” in the security plugin or in the .htaccess file. It needs to be turned on.

Or, if you are using your own Apache server, enter the command “sudo a2enmod rewrite”.

Also, according to information from users, this error may be affected by the “Easy Table of Contents” plugin.