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The balance in OpenAI is used up too quickly

Below is a list of things you can do to reduce your balance drain.:

  1. Change GPT model. GPT-4 is approximately 10 times more expensive than GPT-3.5. And the old version of GPT-3.5 is usually more expensive than the new one. At the same time, GPT-3.5 along with ClipAI Plus often writes text better (and cheaper) than GPT4!
  2. Disable image generation, or switch from DALLE to other sources. AI Image Creation - quite an expensive task.
  3. In the “Parameters” tab of the input settings, enable “Priority on...” - “Token saving”. This may increase the number of logical repetitions in the text, but will significantly reduce costs.
  4. Reduce the number of characters in the text (Processing tab).
  5. If you need text of less than ~3000 characters, it may make sense to switch to the “Short Article Writing Mode”. Sometimes this will not only reduce token costs, but also improve the quality of the text.
  6. If you use the short article writing mode, try disabling the “Check for matches when continuing text” option in the “Processing” tab. Or increase the value in the “Match check aggressiveness” parameter.
  7. The balance will be spent less if you use English-language requests (set in the “Processing” tab). This does not affect the language of the output text.