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Don't search engines filter sites with generated content?

No! And there are several reasons for this.

1. Search engines themselves reported that will not filter AI-generated content. However, they warned that like any other content, it should be useful and answer the user's request. To do this, pages are checked not only automatically, but also manually (for example, employees of the Yandex.Toloka service in the case of Yandex).

Useful and high-quality content is the main goal of ClipAI. A ClipAI Plus will make content even better by connecting AI to the Internet.

Just a statement from search engines is enough to understand: There will be no pessimization for AI content. The following points only explain why the PS's opinion on this matter will not change.

2. This check makes no sense. From search engines already There are ways to identify low-quality content: manual and automatic. If you start filtering AI content, only the following will be additionally filtered: high-quality content that responds to the user's request. Search engines definitely won’t do this.

3. Does not currently exist (and they are unlikely to ever exist) precision AI detectors. Even the most advanced ones quite often have false positives (in both directions).

For example, according to some verification services, “Crime and Punishment” was written not by Dostoevsky, but by AI:

An example of a case where an AI content detector experiences a false positive:

According to another service (, this FAQ article was written by a neural network. As well as the legislation of Kazakhstan:

An example of incorrect definition of 'generated' text by the Originality.AI serviceAn example of incorrect definition of 'generated' text by the Originality.AI service

And according to others, ClipAI even in the very first versions, without ClipAI Plus writes like a man:

An example of a false positive from an AI detector:

If you are still afraid of pessimization for AI-generated content, just turn on antidetect in the ClipAI settings. As stated on the page functionality, it will remove the most common AI detection methods, automatically diversifying the generated text.