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How to add your own sections to an article (for example, “FAQ” or table)

You can either add your sections to the AI-generated outline article, or enter your entire sections. Below we will consider both options. However, if you want to add content at the beginning of the text - go to this article.

1. Adding your sections to the plan generated by AI.

To do this, you need to select the “Writing an article (with sections, for large articles)” operating mode. Then, in the “Processing” tab - “Add your elements to the article outline,” write in each line the element you want to add. For example:

FAQ (question-answer)

In this case, the blocks you specified will appear in the articles written by the AI:

An example of creating partitions using artificial intelligence

2. Use your entire article plan.

You can completely specify your plan, which includes the blocks and sections you need. How to do this is indicated on this page.