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How to add another neural network to ClipAI?

We are constantly updating ClipAI, adding new services and neurons. But what if you need use a neural network in ClipAI that we haven't added yet? This is not only possible, but also quite simple.

In this case, as an example, we will show adding a neural network GROQ.

1. Find a OpenAI compatible URL in your neural network API documentation. For example, in GROQ it is located ­:

Where to find the API URL of a neuron compatible with OpenAI

2. Ibid. find the name of the model you need:

Where to find the model name in a service with a neural network

3. Create your API key and copy it.

4. Now add all the copied parameters in the ClipAI input settings -> “Parameters” tab:

How to add your third-party AI service model to ClipAI

And select the model “GPT (custom model)”:

Own model GPT to ClipAI

Ready! Now you can use any neural network you need.