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How to improve the quality of articles?

Are you writing articles using AI, but they are not of sufficient quality? Below we have prepared for you a checklist on how to significantly improve their quality.

1. Use a different AI. We have comparison table of different neural networks for writing articles. Moreover, within the same service, newer neurons often (but not always) write better articles than older ones.

2. Change text style. This will help diversify the text and make it look like it was written by a person. For example, the Google Gemini was found to write articles much better when using the First Person style.

3. Adjust the required text size. It is best to indicate it in symbols. Their number should be adequate for the topic you are describing: for example, if the topic of your article is “Review of the new iPhone,” then 10 thousand characters is the normal size; but if the topic is “Characteristics of the new iPhone” - no. If an article is too large, the AI may start adding logical repetitions, or even invent facts that don't exist.

4. Use a neural network connection to the Internet. For example, this can be done using ClipAI Plus ­ other services. This will help significantly improve the quality of the text: especially if you touch on a rarely known topic; or information about which has changed in recent years.

5. Check whether the article generation mode is correct. B ClipAI There are four main modes: auto detection (recommended); creating short articles; creating large articles with sections; creating large articles according to your plan. It is not recommended, for example, to write articles longer than 4 thousand characters in the short article mode (or directly in the same ChatGPT).

6. Check the “Priority on...” parameter in the "Options" tab input settings. If it is set to "Token Saving", try selecting "High Text Quality". This way you can reduce the number of logical repetitions in large articles.

7. Try changing the values in "Advanced options". Namely, in the “Text Variety” and “Text Spam” parameters.