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The pages have fallen under the search engine filter! What to do?

Let's note right away: this happens not because the content is generated by AI. If you encounter pessimization in the search results or a search engine filter (for example, “MPK” - “Low Useful Content” from Yandex; or Low Value Content from Google or Adsense), or are simply afraid to encounter it, we recommend doing the following:

1. [Relevant for the Yandex search engine]. In Yandex.Metrica or similar services, check whether there were transitions to your site from the following or similar referers:

Carefully read the content on the pages you clicked on. Is there anything on them that can be considered useless content that does not satisfy the user’s request, or contains false facts?

2. Perhaps you embed tables to pages with topics in which they are clearly superfluous?

3. Perhaps you write articles on topics that are quite rare (for example, the legislation of an unfamiliar country or information about non-international companies); or on topics that depend on the date of writing (for example, news)? If so, the content will be of high quality only if connect the AI to the internet.

4. Is there too much “water” or logical repetition in the articles on your website? If this is the case, you need to reduce the number of output characters in the settings. This is not about any automated review metrics, but about how your article is visible to the average visitor.

5. Check if there are too many ads on your site. This can affect if there is a lot of it, or if it is too “aggressive”.

6. It is believed that such a problem may arise if articles were added to the site too quickly. We didn’t notice this, but just in case, you can use the “Scheduled” status in the “Publication” tab along with randomizing the publication date in the same tab.

7. Subjective factors that the inspector may not like. For example: website design, no content, strange fonts, and so on. Remember that often the result of receiving a filter or blocking in search engines is a manual check by an ordinary person.