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"An error occurred while executing the request. Check your internet connection. (...)"

Let's consider cases when such an error may occur:

  1. You have an IP address from a country that is not supported by the service you are using. For example, ­ you can find out about the supported countries of OpenAI (GPT), and ­ — Google Gemini.
  2. There are problems with the Internet connection on your PC, or the proxy/VPN that you may be using is not working or is not working correctly.
  3. You have changed the "Custom API Endpoint" option in the "Options" tab. In this case, the default value should be returned:
  4. Temporary technical problems on the AI server side.

Additional information for users of other programs (not ClipAI) and software developers
The country is not supported if you receive responses like:

{ "error": { "code": 400, "message": "User location is not supported for the API use without a billing account linked.", "status": "FAILED_PRECONDITION" } }

Or Cloudflare errors when accessing the GPT API.

Please note that, unlike GPT, Google Gemini does not support not only the IP addresses of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, but also the IP addresses of the EU countries, Switzerland and the UK. Moreover, even in supported countries, not every IP address may be accepted (both Gemini and GPT). Comparison of different AI services - ­.