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How to set up automatic publishing on a site with CMS WordPress?

First, check if your site meets the following requirements:

  1. WordPress version no less than 5.6
  2. The site protocol is https, not http. Even free certificates like LetsEncrypt are suitable. Usually installed with one click in the admin panel of your hosting.

Even if your site does not meet the above requirements, you can install basic-auth plugin to your site: after this, you can log in without the steps below, and you need to enter your WordPress account password as the password. But you shouldn’t do this without a reason: in any case, the lack of HTTPS will significantly lower your site in search results, and an old version of WordPress can add additional problems, including security-related ones.

Publishing in WordPress is configured in the “Publishing” tab of the settings:

"Publish" tab of ClipAI input settings, where you can enter WordPress site data for auto-publishing via REST API

We do everything as specified in the input settings. 

Website address - your website in the format:



Exactly like that, with a protocol and a slash “/” at the end.


Login - your login from the administrator account on your site, with which you log into the admin panel. Sometimes this may be by email.

The password is GPT the password for the admin panel, and the application password. How to recognize him?

We go to the WordPress admin panel: usually it is located at the link Select “Users” -> “Profile” on the left:

"Users" - "Profile" tab in the WordPress admin panel (wp-admin)

Scroll down a little further to this form:

"Application Passwords" - "Name of the new application password" for the REST API in the WordPress admin panel (wp-admin)

We enter any application name (for example, “ClipAI”); there is no need to remember it: it will not be needed during setup. Click on the “Add a new application password” button. A form similar to this will appear:

Example of a WordPress application password for working with the JSON REST API in the WordPress admin panel (wp-admin)

This is the application password, which must be entered in the “Password” field.. You must enter exactly as indicated here: with spaces and case sensitive.