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What is the maximum number of threads that can be used in ClipAI?

Multithreading - the simplest possibility speed up the program. For example, the average time to write one high-quality article using AI is 2 minutes. Then, using 20 threads, 20 articles will be generated in 2 minutes.

If you don't have Zennoposter, you can use up to 20 threads. If you have Zennoposter Pro, you can use an unlimited number of threads (for example, 500).

At the same time, ClipAI, unlike its competitors, works as efficiently as possible. It means that:

  • Article within each thread generated as quickly as possible (about 5-10 minutes for competitors versus 2 minutes for ClipAI)
  • Uses minimal PC resources (for example, to work with 20 threads, a PC with 2 processor cores and 2GB of RAM is quite enough).

It means that ClipAI's 20 threads are faster than competitors' 50 threads. At the same time, for example, in XGPTWriter, even to run 15 threads, you need a PC with a 6-core processor and 16GB of RAM. While ClipAI will be able to run ~200 threads on the same configuration.

In the end, taking all factors into account, on an average computer:

  • ClipAI will write in an hour unlimited number of quality articles 10'000 characters each, if you have Zennoposter.
  • ClipAI will write in an hour ~600 quality articles 10'000 characters each, if you don't have Zennoposter.
  • XGPTWriter (or similar programs) will write in an hour ~100 articles 10'000 characters each.