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“Too many API requests per minute. We wait 20 seconds and try again.”

Please note: this message is not an error. After this message in the log, ClipAI only waits 20 seconds before sending the next request to the AI, without interrupting the writing of the text.

This notification occurs when the maximum number of requests per minute to OpenAI is exceeded. For free accounts (with a balance of $5), as of the beginning of 2024, there was a limit of 3 requests per minute. For paid accounts, it all depends on the age of the account and the number of top-ups. Current information on limits can be found at OpenAI official website (It's worth looking at RPM (attempts per minute) and RPD (attempts per day) here).

Accordingly, to prevent this notification from recurring, you need to do something from the following list:

  1. Reduce the number of threads (if you are using multithreading).
  2. Go to a paid account OpenAI (top up balance in the API section).
  3. Add an additional API key in the mode of obtaining a key from a file.